FOTOFOX Fashion Week (FFW) is a global platform for the nation-wide fashion industry making costume designers, makeup artists, and models professionally represent their cultural identities and nation of origin, a celebration through cultural diversity been represented through the artistic and social movement of fashion.

FOTOFOX Fashion Week along with National Partners is dedicated to encouraging the expansion of the fashion world promoting business to attain global relationships and principles of free and fair trade among fashion business enterprises creating awareness for corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities. FOTOFOX Fashion Week is organized by team Fotofox who is bound by best efforts obligations for making the event a successful program.


Fashion designers with huge talents and limited resources strive to reach their global destinations seeking growth and viability that requires publicity to their work dedication. Even though it is bullying, enrolling in a fashion contest can develop their skills for survival and prosperity. This show stage offers a chance to fashion lovers to share their ideas and talents while being exposed to global social media.


FFW Fashion contest is instrumental in bringing together fashioners from different states of India yet from the same field of the fashion industry. Through this contest, participants are given the chance to delve into introducing and compete with industry giants. The show also facilitates the best opportunities for initiating conversations between fashion brands and future talents


In a competition held in an unpredictable environment where there are abundant talent and technology, adaptation is fundamental. Even though the designer is wholly responsible only for handling costumes in the show, the enrollment often includes media coverage which increases the prestige of the designer in the whole event.

FOTOFOX is offering the best opportunities for Costume Designers, Make-up Artists, and Models to flaunt their talent in front of a huge crowd of fashion lovers. Utilize this opportunity and let the whole fashion world grow along with us

Benefits of Enrolling with FFW

The benefits of FFW remain personal and professional. Participation helps participants to establish a strong presence in the fashion industry locally and globally, shows perseverance and willingness to collaborate and compromise. FFW offers the chance to looming designers for showcasing their skills and talents. The final prize won by the best contestant is not limited to just winning the show but the experience provides the best opportunity to gain huge visibility and earn credibility among the global networking system.

The current trend in fashion is revolving in terms of collections, collaborations, and social media communication. This reality, budge international competition for fashion helping trendsetters to establish their young talents by broadcasting their names, also, to build powerful relationships nationally and globally. Winning a show or participating and gaining experience from these shows can bring participants a step closer to their breakthrough all these days. FFW is very powerful having the ability to push the participants into the public eye to become a huge brand in the future by exposing their talents in the fashion world. This show helps in showing the right piece to the right people and takes the brand to next level of reach. FFW helps you consider your brand to be certain that a runway is specially designed for you.  As many fashion designers from global brands consider fashion shows to be the most valuable part of their career, FFW would further boost and provide full support to its participants and partners to achieve something new and become a well-known brand all over India. Participating in this event enriches your brand portfolio through professional photo-shoots. Participants become familiar with recent trends and strategies of different designers.

You get a chance to meet people from different cities and states of India and their talent and passion for fashion. It is a great place to showcase your talents in front of different people in the fashion world. FFW is organized in major cities of India and gets to know how different people treat or handle fashion in their own way. However, participants can promote their ideas, designs, and craftsmanship all over India and this helps them attract huge customers and business partners with corporative relationships Indian level.


The initial stage of selection will be conducted through an online voting process on our official website itself. The candidate profile will be uploaded to the website and the screening takes place. Each person can vote only once on the website. Based on the popularity and majorly fan following the top 50 candidates will be shortlisted for the next state level in the selection process. The selected candidates will be announced to the individual through mail /phone call / WhatsApp

Online voting is done through FOTOFOX’s official website Introduction round and Talent round are to be held online. Selected persons from online voting move on to the next Introduction round and Talent round conducted online whereas they give their best performance at their own place and upload videos to the given link. These videos will be uploaded to the FOTOFOX YouTube channel for voting based on which screening takes place. Only one vote per person is allowed for a day on the given website.


Instructions for Introduction Round


A good introduction to you will help acquaintances learn essential information about you that is unknown to the world. Your self-introduction should be engaging and memorable. An appropriate introduction solidifies your name and purpose to the target audience which creates a positive impression. Therefore, record a powerful self-introduction that includes all essential information about you that is needed for participating in FOTOFOX Fashion Week.


We cannot delay in conducting the First Level Audition or can’t wait to unlock fashion talents in this pandemic situation! FOTOFOX is happy to conduct auditions online as you can show off your talents sitting at home being your comfortable place. Register now for online auditions! Following is the to-do list for enrolling yourself in this online audition and moving on to the next State Level Competition based on your performance and talents you show off in the first level audition (self-introduction round & talent round).

We will consider all three rounds (online voting, self-introduction round, and talent round) as a first-level audition. Interested people are requested to submit their self-introduction video on time.

To-Do list

Your Self-Introduction video should include the following key points

  • Explain about you
  • Reason for your interest in modeling
  • What is modeling from your perspective?
  • Why you chose FOTOFOX
  • What is your destination in modeling

Submit your video via Google drive to [email protected]


Talent Round Instructions

Talent is the final round of the third level of the audition at FOTOFOX Fashion Week conducted online. This round is to assess your technical proficiency and entertaining skills to become the most popular figure in the modeling world. From deciding on what pageant talent to be performed for winning this round it’s huge to decide on. To make it simple, few best ideas of pageant talents were listed below from which you can choose one and gives your best.

Following are few ideas for Pageant talent to be chosen as per your preference

  • Dance
  • Vocal
  • Instrument playing
  • Acting/Monologue
  • Anchor
  • Speech
  • Or anything related to fashion

Language using in your Talent video

English or any of your own language


Traditional round is held to magnify your living nation. We believe that a strong representation of one’s own identity is how strongly they present their own culture using the FFW platform.

During this traditional round, contestants will be judged based on aesthetics and a cultural twist to the outfit. The contestants should create a firing performance that includes interesting facts about their own state. Under the dimly lit ambiance contestants should showcase their cultural background and describe the cultural impact over them in any format of captured video like the song, music, dance, speech, documentary, or short film with full passion for their culture. Contestants should highlight traditional grab over them and should be extremely proud to represent. There is definitely a story behind every culture, their traditional outfits, language, and lifestyle and it is especially important to understand these concepts and create a video that will make viewers and audience better understand the significance of your own culture. Every traditional outfit is a bookmark for one’s own cultural memories. The video you create for this round should express the devotional impact you have on your culture and state. In this round, we analyze how contestants are seriously considering their traditional values by estimating their ethnic clothing, cultural language, traditional make-up and accessories, and cultural performance. Selection will be based on the above criteria.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • The video prepared can include any ways of expressing your own state and culture like speech, song, music album, documentary, or dance
  • Every contestant should only showcase the tradition of their own state and culture and not any other
  • Contestants should wear their own traditional ethnic clothing
  • The video should be created in their own cultural language
  • Every contestant should groom themselves with their own traditional make-up, hair-do, and accessories
  • Contestants should be dressed up traditionally with the perfect bridal outfit
  • Contestants will be judged based on their traditional bearings like bindi, Mehendi/Alta, floral hair braids, forehead thilakam, anklets, bangles, ornaments, etc.
  • No time limit for videos
  • The video content should be very clear, precise and clarity
  • The location you choose for making this video adds extra value to it
  • No unwanted contents should be included in the video
  • All contents included in the video should express only your traditional background and nothing other than that
  • The sample video will be provided to contestants for reference (if required)
  • Videos you provide should be newly created with a new concept and old videos will be rejected by the team
  • Once you provide a video, the team will verify and upload the same to our YouTube channel

Today’s fashion reflects our past and we realize how we have been moving forward through advanced technologies and fabrications towards reflecting over today’s modern ladies. Youngsters are learning to go with the flow to move around the world by taking up new trends that are emerging every day and night. The reason is, the western cover tends to offer freedom for individual expression being quite stylish, classy, and freestyle. By following these trends, teenagers overcome peer pressure and being accepted by liberal and contemporary people. Moreover, western clothes make youngsters feel confident as they tend to be more comfortable in wearing them.

Since it is believed to set a good impression on others signifying that you are in close touch with the world without any limits or barriers, FOTOFOX has decided to reveal the significance of western culture to the most emerging fashion world through experts models like you. The identity of every model is represented by the way they showcase themselves.

This round is purely a western round where contestants should have a westernized cover over them. Complete western-style patterns and designs should be showcased by each contestant in their outfit, accessories, make-up, hair-do, body posture, and language. There should be no fusion of western outfits with any other cultural outfits.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • This western round is conducted online. Video of your performance should be sent through the Google drive  link and the same will be uploaded to our YouTube channel
  • This round is 100% western and models should perform as a perfect fashion model. The video should be prepared based on the following criteria:
  • Contestants should make themselves ready with a complete western outfit, fashion accessories (like high heels), modern make-up and hair-do, footwear and jewelry, any kind of properties and appropriate background location (ramp for a walk)
  • Participants should prepare themselves like a contestant who is ready to participate in a real-time runway show. This adds more value to your profile in the selection process.
  • No fusion of traditional and western outfits is allowed. This would create a black mark in your selection process
  • You should possess good communication (Language: English), body posture, and a suitable location for the ramp
  • No time limit for your video performance in the western round
  • All contestants will be judged based on their sincerity and solemnity for preparing themselves for this western round
  • No unwanted contents should be included in the western round performance. This will reduce your marks for selection
  • The video you send us should be created new for FFW – Level 5 and old videos will be rejected by the team

This is the final round of FFW – Level 6. This is a fashion quiz where your modeling solemnity is assessed. We will gather a few of the most recently asked questions from the fashion world to test your intentness for modeling. The questions will be framed based on current issues within the fashion world and the growth of the future fashion industry. So be prepared to give your best and unique answers to our questions. All questions will be given on our official website (announced later) for your reference and one should give answers in their own perception. Copying answers from other sources, Plagiarism, and any other malpractices will result in rejection of your participation in Level-6.


  • Opportunity to become a COVER GIRL of FOTOFOX MAGAZINE
  • Surprise gifts
  • Get Certification
  • All Registered candidates will get a Certificate of Participation.

All Registered candidates will get:

  • Participation Certificate.
  • Profile listed on FOTOFOX FASHION WEEK website (for one year).
  • Free Tips for Grooming & Guidelines for Career Growth
  • Name listed on our Social media directory.


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