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Rules & Prizes

The concept of the Fotofox Weddings Pre/Post Wedding Offer contest is a promotional offer from Fotofox Weddings. Contest Rules given below

  • Winners will get FREE Pre Wedding shoot or Post Wedding shoot worth 50K
  • This shoot includes both Photography & Videography
  • Outputs are
    • 25 Edited Photographs
    • 2-4 minutes Pre/Post Wedding Teaser/Trailer
  • This offer applicable for all over India


  • Upload your Couple photo to enter into this contest
  • Like our Facebook page Fotofox Weddings
  • Like our Instagram Page Fotofox Weddings 
  • Subscribe our YouTube Channel Fotofox
  • This offer only for New Customer of Fotofox Weddings
  • Post Wedding Offers applicable only for couples who have less than 3 months from their Wedding Date
  • One person can vote once a day
  • This is IP address Based voting.
  • 24 hours Gap between TWO votes.
  • Invalid or Fake Votes will get you Disqualified from this contest at any Point.
  • Voting process will ends at 11 PM on 31st  December 2020.
  • This contest conducted through Online at our Office website.
  • Based on Maximum 500 votes Contestants will get select as winners and get FREE Pre/Post Wedding Offer.
  • Winners will get an Additional 50% Offers on Full Wedding Packages.
  • All Registered candidates will get an Additional 25% Offers on Full Wedding Packages.
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