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This site is designed in such a way to entertain and seek attention from fashion lovers who set trends based on technological advancements. We encourage you to reveal your thoughts freely.

We run this website for customer service and we wish you to use this site based on your needs.

This page includes terms and conditions which manages your use of this website for several needs like making online payments, return policies and feedback.

Terms & Conditions

·         By using this site, you personally agree that you are above 18 years and lawfully accept the terms given below.

·         If you are using this website on behalf of an entity, you warrant and accept that you have full rights and authority to accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this site on behalf of the entity.

·         If you disagree with the terms and conditions please ignore this site.

·         If you are facing any malfunctioning or unauthorized usage of your debit card/credit card while making payment in this site you should intimate to your card provider regarding the problem in accordance with reporting of rules and procedures



In case, we failed to receive any kind of payment from you during online payment transaction, it will be considered as incomplete and the company is not liable for such transactions. You should further contact your bank regarding the issue and refund of money.

Privacy Policy

FOTOFOX is very serious about the privacy of its subscribers and users. The company is committed towards safeguarding the privacy of its users and subscribers while it provides personalized and valuable service to all customers. The Privacy Policy Statement of FOTOFOX explains in detail on about its data collection, processing and securing the same in a confidential way in order to retain customers. If you have query regarding the safety of your personal information provided to us, if you wish to make an amendment to your personal information being provided or if you have any clarifications regarding our practices in managing your information please feel free to contact concern person for privacy policy through email-id at [email protected]

Collection of Personal information

FOTOFOX do collect personal information from all its users and subscribers through enquiry and registration process and every time you reach us through e-mail. We also collect your personal information automatically when you visit our website for several needs. The information collected from you in this way includes only demographic information along with browsing patterns and this is only used in accumulation form.

Use of Personal Information

All personal information collected using this website are used for the following purpose:

·         To provide personalized services

·         To conduct surveys and market research

·         To run against competitors

·         To provide you proper information about products and services available in the market that you are currently in need

If you are not interested in receiving such information about products or services please feel free to inform us while you provide your information to us. However, we might disclose the information collected from you to our business partners or suppliers to provide appropriate services to you which involves data processing on our behalf.

We might also use your information in the accumulated form for 

·         Building and developing our marketing profiles

·         Aiding to strategic management

·         Managing good relationships with marketing advertisers and for auditing the usage of this site

Use of cookies

This site uses many cookies for identifying individual while visiting this site and for building up a demographic profile. Cookie is a quiet a small piece of data that will be sent to a web browser through web server and this enables the web server to gather required information from the web browser. You can find more information about cookies on

Use of cookies in our site also allows registered users being presented with a personalized version of this website.

Online based transfers

Internet being the global environment for business, it helps in collecting and processing personal data which necessarily involves data transmission over international basis. Therefore, by visiting our site through  and communicating with us electronically you agree and acknowledge to process your personal information in the above mentioned way.



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