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FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 is a global platform for nation-wide makeup industry making to represent their cultural identities and state of origin professionally, a celebration through cultural diversity been represented through artistic and social movement of fashion.

FOTOFOX is offering best opportunities for Make-up Artists to flaunt their talent in front of huge crowd of makeup lovers. Utilize this opportunity and let the whole makeup world grow along with us.

Benefits of Enrolling with FOTOFOX MUA 2020

The benefits from FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 remain personal and professional. Participation helps participants to establish a strong presence in the wedding as well as fashion industry locally and globally. FOTOFOX offers chance to looming MUA for showcasing their skills and talents. Final prize won by best contestant is not limited to just winning the show but the experience provides best opportunity to gain huge visibility and earn credibility among the global networking system.


FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 is very powerful having the ability to push the participants into the public eye to become a huge brand in future by exposing your talents in makeup world. This show helps in showing right piece to the right people and takes the brand to next level reach. FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 would further boost and provide full support to its participants and partners achieve something new and become a well-known brand all over India.

Global Networking

FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 contest is instrumental in bringing together MUA’s from different states of India yet from same field of this industry. Through this contest participants are given chance to delve into introduce and compete with industry giants. The show also facilitates best opportunities for initiating conversations between brands and future talents

 Raising Prestige

In a competition held in an unpredictable environment where there is abundant talent and technology an adaptation is fundamental. Make use of these benefits from FOTOFOX by enrolling yourself and rocking the whole makeup world with your talents.

Come! Join hands! And let’s grow together!

Choose the category you belong to and the event you wish to participate in.


  • Amateur / Student
  • Makeup Artist
  • Makeup Master

Event Levels:

Intro LEVEL :

Open for all and no limitations on entry slots. Every Contestant should upload their previous work (Makeup Photo) for voting round which will be held in our official website

LEVEL I (State Level): 
Content: Traditional Bridal Look.

Top 30 MUA on each category will get selected from each state based on Level I results and moved on to the next level which is LEVEL II

LEVEL II (State Level): 
Content: Modern Reception Look.

Top 3 MUA on each category will get selected from each state based on Level II results and moved on to the next level which is LEVEL III

LEVEL III (National Level):
Content: High Fashion Look.

Top 3 National Level Winner on each category will be announced based on Level III results.


Based on Level III results winners will be will be awarded on Prizing Ceremony


  • Outstanding participants will be given wings to flourish in their national and international professional careers and will receive international acclaim and acknowledgment.
  • Winner will get FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 Title Award.
  • 1stprize for all 3 categories worth 2 Lakhs
  • 2ndprize for all 3 categories worth 1.5 Lakhs
  • 3rdprize for all 3 categories worth 1 Lakh
  • Top 3 Winners will get business tie-ups with FOTOFOX for next One Year.
  • All the contestants will get participation certificate.

Entry fee:

The entry fee for LEVEL I

  • Amateur / Student – ₹ 590/-
  • Makeup Artist – ₹ 1180/-
  • Makeup Master – ₹ 2950/-

Entry fee must be paid separately at every LEVEL.

How to enter?

Register here and submit your entries. 


The followings are needed to enter the contest in every category:

  • Applications are welcome from all .
  • Everyone can compete in their own category (amateur/student, makeup artist and makeup master).
  • Non-professionals can also demonstrate their knowledge to the world.
  • The only restriction is your own beliefs.
  • Choose your model’s age between 18 to 30 years old


To be provided:
  • One Self-portrait photo of the makeup artist competing in the contest
  • One Self-portrait photo of the model prior the makeup process
  • Two Self-portrait photos that clearly shows the model and MUA during work
  • One Self-portrait photo of the model with closed eye lids
  • One Self-portrait photo of the model with open eyes
  • Three Face makeup detailing photos
  • One Self-portrait photo of the model after completion of work, which contains the complete harmony of make-up, clothes, hairstyle and background etc.
  • Bridal Makeup Video

Video details:
  • The video prepared can include any ways of expressing your own state tradition and culture through your makeup
  • Every contestant must showcase only their own tradition bridal of the state which they belongs to
  • Video should be created in their own cultural language or in English
  • Models should be dressed up traditionally with perfect bridal outfit
  • Contestants will be judged based on their traditional wearing like bindi, mehandi/alta, floral hair braids, forehead thilakam, anklets, bangles, ornaments, etc.
  • No time limit for videos
  • The video content should be very clear, precise and clarity
  • The location you choose for making this video adds extra value to it
  • No unwanted contents should be included in the video
  • Videos you provide should be newly created with bridal concept and old videos will be rejected by the team
  • Once you provide video, the team will verify and upload the same in FOTOFOX YouTube channel
  • Don’t upload submitted video on any other social media, which is strictly prohibited
  • Follow our official Instagram and Facebook pages and also subscribe our official YouTube channel


Level 1

Online Bridal Makeup Look

Online Bridal Makeup Look point’s calculation includes three steps

1) Online voting for your final bridal makeup look – 1000 points

2) YouTube views for your bridal makeup – 1000 points

3) Talent points from FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 – 1000 points

Online voting is done through FOTOFOX official website Only one vote per person is allowed for a day in the given website and same time your video will be uploaded in FOTOFOX YouTube channel for collecting views.



  • Important Dates to Remember:
    • Last date to Entry for FOTOFOX TOP MUA 2020 is 10thNovember 2020.
    • Last Date for Submit your final Level I bridal makeup look Photo & Video is 15thNovember 2020.
    • Results for Level I will be announced on 20thNovember 2020.
    • Last Date for Submit your final Level II Reception makeup look Photo & Video is 30thNovember 2020.
    • Results for Level II will be announced on 5thDecember 2020.
    • Last Date for Submit your final Level III High Fashion makeup look Photo & Video is 10thDecember 2020.
    • Results for Level II will be announced on 15thDecember 2020.
    • Prizing ceremony will be held on 20thDecember 2020.


  • How do you calculate points for Online Voting Round ?

    Your views count in YouTube should be higher than the votes you’re received from online voting round in order to get 1000 points from your online voting round. If the case is, YouTube views count is less than online voting round then we will be calculating the percentage of views/vote.

  • Example points for online round

    For example if your votes are 2000 and your views are more than 2000 means you will get 1000 points from online voting round.

    If votes are 2000 and your views less than 2000 then we calculate views/votes 1000/2000 =0.5 i.e. 50% of 1000 points so you will get 500 points from online voting round

    Note: This calculations is used to avoid auto likes and to get genuine points for all the contestants


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